In the Begining....

In 1986, frustrated by the jumbled mess on my dresser I created a wall hanging earring holder. That holder has evolved into Ear-NestTM. It allows you to turn your earrings into a beautiful wall-mounted or dresser top personal art piece. The Ear-NestTM protects your earrings and makes that "perfect" pair readily available when you want them.

Ginny's Ear-NestTM Jewelry Organizer is beautifully handcrafted in golden oak, luscious purpleheart and rich walnut, and may also be available in exotic woods. The space varies between the earring rungs to accommodate the different size earrings that we all have. Our Jewelry Organizer is available in a variety of rack sizes, and we offer combination racks that hold earrings in addition to necklaces, bracelets, pins and brooches, bolos, etc.

In 1992, I improved the original design and introduced the patented Hoop Slot™ in the top rung, which allows a connected hoop earring to be nested and retrieved easily. I continue to improve and expand the product line with your help and suggestions.

A Few Changes....

The past few years several changes have made it difficult for myself and for the Ear-Nest product family to continue"Business as Usual". So rather than run the risk possibly compromising the quality and standard that we have been so proud of over the past decades, we have decided to end production and liquidate our remaining stock of handmade, hardwood Ear-Nest™ jewelry holders. To our hundreds of fans and customers, we thank you for your support and patience and we hope that you continue to enjoy years of satisfaction from your Ear-Nest™.

But wait.....

If you are interested in purchasing one of our remaining Earn-Nest™ Holders there are still quite a few left. Now keep in mind we will no longer be producing these so once we are out of stock we are out, but we have many remaining great styles still in stock. If you'd like to find out more about purchasing one of our remaining Ear-Nest™ Holders email us and we will be happy to let you know what we have available still.


Over 7500 racks in stock. Many styles to choose from for only $10.00 a piece*

*When purchased in case lots.

For more information, availability or to order contact Scott Stebbeds:

Email or Call 503 781 1373


Thank you for your continued support. - Ginny

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